Did You Know?
50% of all American adults have at least one   chronic disease
75% of all illness is preventable
70% of employer healthcare costs are lifestyle   related
Health claims can consume over 50% of   corporate profits
$1 invested in wellness returns up to $6 in healthcare savings.
Contact ConnectWell today to implement effective wellness programs that will engage your employees in their health.

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Worksite Wellness Programming
ConnectWell's science-based programming is specifically designed to help employees adopt healthy habits and support wellness in the workplace. Worksite Wellness Initiatives combine education, practices and tools to assist people in building the capacity for well-being in the areas of nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, and wellness on the go.
ConnectWell’s offering utilizes updated science-based practices designed by an experienced team and leading experts and includes:

Implement fun and interactive Wellness Initiatives at your workplace to create a community that adopts wellness practices together. These Initiatives include Wellness Exhibits, Challenges and Toolkits that help people build the capacity for well-being.

Bring a ConnectWell Seminar to your campus to inspire and engage your employees in their health.

Reach employees with effective wellness communications that drive enrollment, participation and engagement in your wellness program.