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Our Mission
ConnectWell educates, inspires, and engages people in wellness practices to empower them to live a vibrant life, resulting in significant healthcare cost savings and increased productivity for the sponsoring employer while enhancing the overall health and well-being of employees and their families.
ConnectWell was founded in 2010 to deliver an innovative wellness offering that combines proven science and practical methods to reverse chronic diseases related to lifestyle. The ConnectWell team has deep and broad experience in disease prevention, obesity, physical activity, wellness, behavior change, habit formation, communication, public health, family dynamics, stress management and positive psychology.

ConnectWell is committed to helping organizations adopt and integrate effective wellness programs alongside traditional healthcare benefits to create a culture of health, sustain a healthy workforce, and contain healthcare costs. ConnectWell’s high-touch approach focuses on understanding the health needs at the organization and implementing impactful programs that empower employees and their family members to engage in sustainable wellness practices. ConnectWell utilizes proven approaches to wellness practices and reaches a widespread population to achieve sustainable reductions in healthcare costs while enhancing productivity and overall well-being.