Organizational Approach
Six Elements of Sustainable
ConnectWell's Consulting and Programming Approach
Effective wellness programming includes organization-wide strategies as well as high-touch programming. You’ve heard the phrase “Keep the Healthy Healthy.” ConnectWell’s organization-wide strategies are designed to do just that by creating a culture-of-health at worksites where it is easy to make healthy choices. This means that:

employees are encouraged to integrate physical activity into their work day
the work culture supports taking productive breaks throughout the day
healthy foods and beverages are available in the cafeteria, break rooms and at catered
health and wellness initiatives and seminars are part of campus life

So how do you motivate the unmotivated and engage those with health risks? These employees are stuck in an unhealthy state and are the most costly in terms of healthcare expenditures, presenteeism and absenteeism. Employees who have already adopted unhealthy lifestyles require intensive lifestyle interventions to engage them in their health so they can eventually join the organization-wide wellness programs. ConnectWell has developed the Vibrant Life Programs to engage the high risk and ready employees in their health.

At ConnectWell, we partner with organizations to develop and implement customized multi-component programming for the greatest impact and sustainability. By integrating both organization-wide strategies with intensive lifestyle interventions, companies experience the greatest return-on-investment by increasing access and health engagement.