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Adam Cox, CSCS
Director, Vitality and Human Performance

Adam brings a contagious passion for living with vitality to serving ConnectWell clients. As the Director of Vitality and Human Performance, Adam taps into his extensive experience in the wellness field as well as wellness applied to the corporate environment. His unique ability to speak from the boardroom to the locker room, creates for clients an informative and motivating experience that they can instantly apply to their lives. Following the mantra "Train Hard. Live Well. Give Back! Adam instills that we all have the innate ability to achieve vitality, as well as share it with our community.
Motivated by his passion to help others reach their goals, Adam has worked at all levels in the fields of performance enhancement, rehabilitation, sports specific training, personal training, fitness, health education, and wellness for 19 years. He is recognized by both his peers and clients as an infectious role model of healthy living who makes wellness accessible to anyone. He also extends his experience as an advisor for the +3Network, a Bay Area company that runs a mobile/web wellness platform based on philanthropic principles to motivate large populations and give back to various charitable foundations.
Born and raised in the lush Pacific Northwest, Adam was instilled with a deep love for the mountains and nature. An avid skier and cyclist, he has competed personally in gymnastics, skiing, and lacrosse. These experiences are helpful in allowing him to keep up, coach, and participate in the many activities of his young boys.
Adam graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, majoring in Athletic Medicine, with a double minor in Health and Wellness and Strength Training. He is currently certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).