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Kristin Zellhart, CNE
Group Leader

Kristin ties together her experience in nutrition curriculum development and teaching as an interactive Group Leader for ConnectWell’s Eating for a Vibrant LifeSM Program. In this role, Kristin co-develops the content for the on-site small group sessions, leads the small group sessions and develops the social media outreach to engage the participants in the Eating for a Vibrant Life Program.
Kristin honed her skills by leading classes as a nutritionist and chef with Cooking Matters and through Eat and Learns for the Wellness City Challenge. In addition, she has co-developed high school level curriculum for the Food for a Healthy Community Pilot Program which launched in 2012 at Mt. Diablo High School in Concord, CA. She also teaches healthy eating and active living adult cooking classes to local businesses, parent groups and food service employees.
Kristin is a native of the Bay Area and has a passion for cooking healthy and delicious, real food. Her dedication to nutrition stems from deep personal experiences with chronic illnesses in her family that she believes were preventable. Besides cooking and teaching nutrition, she spends her free time playing soccer, dancing salsa, hiking in the Berkeley Hills, traveling, and doing yoga.
Kristin has a Bachelor of Arts in Nutrition from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and received a certificate in holistic nutrition education (CNE) from Bauman College in Berkeley, CA.