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Wellness Consulting
Whether you are just getting started with wellness or you have a well-developed program, ConnectWell’s experienced wellness consultants can be your partner in effective wellness design. Our wellness consultants guide clients through the process of integrating sustainable wellness into their organizations to contain healthcare costs and optimize productivity. Our consulting initiatives are designed with the needs, interests and strengths present at each organization. Collaboration with management, human resources, benefits programs, existing health and wellness vendors, employees and other stakeholders is incorporated into our model for delivering successful wellness programming with positive health outcomes.
Consulting projects for your organization may include:

Developing the internal pitch to senior leadership to adopt wellness
Creating the wellness structure within the HR department
Budgeting for wellness
Designing and implementing programs that meet and exceed employer wellness recognition award standards
Building incentive programs that promote participation, engagement and positive health outcomes
Training administrative staff in supporting healthy options at the worksite
Establishing and guiding the Wellness Committee
Determining wellness program needs through evaluation of health data and employee surveys
Enhancing your organization’s physical and cultural environment to promote wellness
Establishing the short and long-term wellness strategic plan for an organization
All consulting strategies integrate science-based strategies that have been identified by leading agencies in health promotion, disease prevention, and healthcare including: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; National Institutes of Health; Healthy People 2020; and the Wellness Council of America. ConnectWell also adheres to best practices for program implementation, focusing on a four step process tailored to the population and culture of each organization.