Organizational Approach
Six Elements of Sustainable
High-touch health engagement programming is critical to adoption and maintenance of sustainable wellness practices. ConnectWell professionals are engaged with every step of program planning and implementation. Our team works collaboratively with management and executive teams and continues engaging with program participants once programs are implemented. ConnectWell has created a variety of tools to foster our high-touch, interactive approach.

Client focused

ConnectWell’s collaboration with organizations incorporates a comprehensive needs assessment, in-depth planning, effective implementation and outcomes reporting. Each ConnectWell program is designed with the needs, interests and strengths present at each organization. Collaboration with management, human resources, benefits programs, existing health and wellness vendors, employees and other stakeholders is critical to the success and sustainability of our wellness programming.

Targeted programming for
“at-risk and ready”

ConnectWell recognizes that people have different levels of awareness, motivation and readiness for prioritizing their health and well-being. That is why our targeted Vibrant Life Programs incorporate screening for readiness to ensure that your organization is getting the best return on its wellness investment. By only enrolling those who are ready, ConnectWell makes a measurable and lasting impact on participants and their families. The success of early participants has a contagious impact on other employees and the health culture of the organization, maximizing overall success.

Extension of programming to
family members

For many companies healthcare expenses consume over 50% of corporate profits. Family members are responsible for 60% of corporate healthcare costs and ConnectWell’s programming uniquely reaches the total "employer-covered" population. ConnectWell’s Vibrant Life Initiatives are all household centered, enabling employees to engage their family memebers in the Wellness Program.