Organizational Approach
Six Elements of Sustainable
ConnectWell’s Organizational Approach to Wellness
ConnectWell professionals are wellness architects, helping organizations design and build a foundation for a healthy organization in which employees have the knowledge, skills and resources to make healthy lifestyle choices at work, at home, and in their communities. ConnectWell created the Healthy Organization Framework to incorporate wellness at the worksite and engage the population in healthy lifestyles. ConnectWell has identified best practices around integration of wellness into policies, environment, programs, culture and incentives – boosting productivity while containing healthcare costs.
Effective wellness policies enable organizations to support healthy choices. ConnectWell helps create wide-reaching policies that guide eating and food practices, increase physical activity and manage stress. Examples include:
Create healthy food guidelines for catered and special events
Establish frequency and quality of breaks
Use embedded technology to facilitate computer breaks
Design workflow to reduce stress and optimize productivity
Organizations have many opportunities to influence the physical environment to promote health and prevent disease. Environmental supports automate wellness by encouraging the healthy choice as the default choice. ConnectWell works with organizations to understand their business, employees, and customers to design an environment that supports both the organizational needs and wellness of employees.
ConnectWell works with organizations to develop either one-time or ongoing program activities that reach the entire workforce community, including:
Vibrant Life Initiatives – Wellness exhibits, challenges and toolkits that provide engagement and education in the adoption of healthy habits
Vibrant Life Seminars – Wide range of wellness seminars available to the entire workforce population designed to keep the low risk healthy, motivate the unmotivated and engage those with health risks
Vibrant Life Programs – 6-month health engagement programming designed for people at risk for chronic disease and ready to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors
At ConnectWell, we work within the existing culture of an organization and integrate complementary wellness practices to enhance productivity and contain healthcare costs. We accomplish this by working with executive teams and CEOs to help them prioritize wellness as a key organizational goal and integrate wellness into business objectives. When wellness practices are part of the overarching culture, substantial health gains are made by individuals and across the whole organization.
Wellness programs with well-designed incentives build motivation and participation in health engagement to promote healthy lifestyles. ConnectWell works with organizations to design and realign wellness incentive structures in the context of the organization’s health benefits to ensure positive health outcomes and containment of healthcare costs.