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Self-Assessment Surveys
ConnectWell’s Vibrant Life Programs are health engagement programs that serve at-risk individuals and their families to address lifestyle and behavior change in the areas of eating, activity and balance and stress management. ConnectWell’s Vibrant Life Programs are group programs that last for 6-months and are led by a Group Leader who is a content expert and health coach. These in-depth programs are carefully planned to make a sustainable impact in each participant’s health by addressing preventable illness related to eating, activity, balance and stress management.

Our self-assessment surveys are designed to help determine if you would benefit from participating in one of ConnectWell’s Vibrant Life Programs.

We are currently enrolling participants in the Eating for a Vibrant Life Program. Take the Food & Eating Self-Assessment Survey by clicking here to see if you qualify for enrollment in Eating for a Vibrant Life Program. If you are ready to make a positive change to impact your health, please fill out the appropriate Contact Form and we will get back to you shortly.

ConnectWell’s Self-Assessment Surveys are solely for your own information and use. Your name, email, and any other identifying information are not included within the surveys. Your responses will not be sent to ConnectWell or anywhere else, and there is no way for your answers to be traced.