Worksite Wellness Initiatives
Wellness Communications
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ConnectWell serves a wide range of clients, including small and large businesses, benefits brokers, and non-profits.

Worksite Wellness Initiatives
Creating a culture of health requires fun and interactive wellness initiatives that are founded on science-based practices. ConnectWell's Exhibits, Challenges and Toolkits provide engagement and education on the adoption of healthy habits related to:
physical activity
stress management
wellness on the go

ConnectWell offers interactive seminars on a wide range of wellness topics to educate, inspire and engage large numbers of employees to integrate wellness into life. Seminars are delivered onsite by an engaging content expert and incorporate activities. At seminar completion, participants leave with actionable wellness strategies and support tools. Organizations can choose from our collection of seminars to support the health needs of the workforce and complement the wellness initiatives at the worksite.
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Wellness Communications
ConnectWell develops creative and impactful ways to repeat the wellness message to drive behavior change and improve the overall health of your organization.
We partner with organizations to:
plan an overall wellness communications strategy
create and evolve your wellness brand
develop themes to revitalize wellness brand
design and implement communications elements
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ConnectWell’s Six Elements of Sustainable Wellness incorporate Readiness, Education, Community, Communication, Environment and Independence. The Six Elements of Sustainable Wellness are integrated into ConnectWell’s Worksite Wellness Initiatives, Seminars and Communications to help organizations and participants integrate wellness into life.