Worksite Wellness Initiatives
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Worksite Wellness Initiatives
Establishing a culture of health in the workplace by encouraging healthy lifestyles is a key component of an effective wellness program. ConnectWell's Worksite Wellness Initiatives incorporate current science-based practices and are designed to help employees adopt habits that are fundamental to a healthy lifestyle. Healthy habit formation requires education, practice, and tools that support people in building the capacity for well-being.

Wellness Initiatives Include: Exhibits, Challenges, and Toolkits
ConnectWell’s Self-guided Wellness Exhibits combined with Wellness Challenges and Toolkits provide a full set of materials to help your employees adopt healthy lifestyle practices around:
  • Nutrition
  • Stress Management
  • Physical Activity
  • Wellness On The Go
  • Sleep
  • Initiative materials can be translated into other languages to meet the diverse needs of your workplace and customized to incorporate the wellness brand of your organization. ConnectWell offers guidance and support for executive level staff and middle management to promote successful rollout and high levels of employee engagement in our Wellness Initiatives.
    Self-guided Wellness Exhibits

    ConnectWell’s unique Self-guided Wellness Exhibits educate participants through a set of posters and support materials designed to be exhibited at worksites. This flexible format enables you to reach as many employees as possible since the exhibit can be made available at time periods and locations that meet the needs of the workforce. A virtual version can be posted to your wellness portal to reach employees and family members remotely.

    Exhibit materials include:
    • A full set of posters that explain the principles for each topic
    • Handouts that accompany the exhibit
    • Prop suggestions for poster stations
    • Passport to Learning
    • Instructions on how to set-up the exhibit at your worksite
    Wellness Challenges

    Wellness Challenges engage participants to adopt healthy lifestyle practices in nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, and wellness on the go. A sampling of our 4-week challenges include:
    • Real Food Challenge
    • Move More Challenge
    • Time-for-Me Challenge
    • Sleep Well Challenge
    • Travel Well Challenge
    Challenge Materials and Support
    ConnectWell supports each challenge with a suite of turn-key materials to ensure high participation rates, a well-organized challenge and data collection. Suite of materials includes:
    • Double-sided challenge sheet, posters, graphics for wellness portal or intranet
    • Scripted email communications for Wellness and Human Resources staff to send to employees throughout the challenge to increase engagement
    • Surveys to administer at beginning and end-of-challenge to gain insight about the impact of the challenge on new habits and employee health
    • Guidelines for challenge celebrations to create a meaningful end of challenge event

    ConnectWell’s Toolkits consist of comprehensive and employee-oriented educational materials that include science-based practices on improving well-being in the areas of:
    • Nutrition
    • Physical Activity
    • Sleep
    • Stress Management
    • Wellness On The Go
    Toolkit Contents and Format
    Each Toolkit includes modules that provide detail enabling a broader understanding of the topic and supporting the adoption of health practices. Crafted by ConnectWell experts, these Toolkits can be used to support wellness initiatives, wellness challenges, seminars and health events. ConnectWell’s Toolkits are presented in a format that makes the information easy-to-understand, enabling employees and their families to put the information into practice. Toolkits are provided in PDF format to enable ease of distribution through email attachments and printing to support wellness initiatives.