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Wellness Communications
Impactful wellness communications act as a key component to drive behavior change and improve the overall health of your organization. Frequent wellness communications serve as reminders for employees to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles while engaging in behaviors that promote health. ConnectWell develops creative ways to repeat the wellness message utilizing stories, statistics, images and sound bites. We want your employees to see, feel, hear and experience wellness in many forms to ensure that we reach all employees based on their communication usage.
Creating a strong brand for your wellness program ensures that your messages are recognized amidst the abundance of information employees receive on a daily basis. ConnectWell works with clients to develop brands that match their culture and speaks to their employees.
ConnectWell team blends their advertising and wellness expertise to:

plan an overall wellness communications strategy
create and evolve your wellness brand
develop themes to revitalize wellness brand
design and implement communications elements
ConnectWell works with organizations to create impactful wellness communications in multiple modalities to encourage enrollment, participation and engagement in your organization’s wellness program including:

live presentations
employee wellness newsletters and testimonials
brochures, mailers, educational materials
seminars, webinars, Lunch & Learns
wellness portal
town hall meetings