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Eating for a Vibrant LifeSM
ConnectWell’s Eating for a Vibrant Life Program inspires participants and their families to take charge of their food and eating habits. The program covers the following:
Nutrition 101
Identifying motivators and challenges
Creating a balanced diet composed of real food
Decoding food labels
Shopping with a purpose
Bringing back the social meal
Discovering the simplicity of healthy cooking
Managing your food, not your weight
Action planning for food and eating
Incorporating healthy eating outside the home
Designing your food lifestyle
By the end of the six-month Eating for a Vibrant Life Program, participants and their families will have a comprehensive understanding of the behaviors that drive healthy eating habits and will have the skill set to create a food environment that supports lifelong habits around food and eating.

Click here to take the Food & Eating Self-Assessment Survey to see if you qualify for enrollment in Eating for a Vibrant Life Program.

Each Vibrant Life Program lasts for 6 months and incorporates:
Live, inspirational kick-off seminar and weekly small group sessions for the first four months with two follow-up small group sessions to sustain behavior change for the last two months
ConnectWell’s proprietary workbook with surveys, frameworks, and activities that are reinforced through small group sessions
Support tools that facilitate action planning and promote wellness habits for the whole family
Buddy-matching for additional support
Group Leader communication and support in between sessions and for six months after program completion
ConnectWell’s Six Elements of Sustainable WellnessSM incorporate Readiness, Education, Community, Communication, Environment and Independence. ConnectWell’s Healthy Habit FormationSM Framework is incorporated into ConnectWell’s seminars, workbooks, support tools and activities to help participants with the change process. The Vibrant LifeSM Programs connect with participants on an practical and emotional level, empowering them to take ownership of the program and move forward independently.
Click here to learn about ConnectWell's Six Elements of Sustainable Wellness.