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ConnectWell’s Organizational Approach to Wellness
ConnectWell professionals are wellness architects, designing and building a foundation for a healthy organization in which all employees or members have the knowledge, skills and resources to make healthy lifestyle choices at work, in their homes and in their communities. Organization-based strategies and programs reach the total population in a worksite or organization. Through comprehensive, results-oriented programming, organizations build the capacity to implement a comprehensive wellness program with optimal results.
Health Programming
There are many creative, innovative and evidence-based strategies for increasing awareness and motivation to adopt healthy lifestyles to prevent chronic disease. ConnectWell works with organizations to develop one-time and on-going program activities that reach the entire workforce community. In addition to the Vibrant LifeSM Programs, ConnectWell delivers programming in Lunch & Learn and seminar format to reach the entire organization. ConnectWell’s offering includes maintenance programming, to keep the healthy people healthy, and motivational programming, to inspire those who have taken a passive approach to their health and move them along the path towards health engagement.
Effective wellness policies enable organizations to support healthy behavior. Policies guide eating and food practices, activity and stress management across the organization. Examples include providing guidelines for catered or special events, frequency and quality of activity breaks, embedded technology that assists with computer breaks, and practices around work flow management—reducing stress and optimizing productivity. ConnectWell has identified best practices around developing, adopting and implementing new policies around healthy behaviors that boost productivity while containing healthcare costs.
Organizations have many opportunities to influence the physical environment to promote health and prevent disease. Improving the environment affects large groups of individuals simultaneously and facilitates adoption and maintenance of healthy behaviors. Environmental supports automate wellness by promoting the healthy choice as the default choice. ConnectWell works with organizations to understand their business, employees and customers to design an environment that supports both the organizational needs and wellness of employees.
Creating a culture of health promotion is one of the areas that contributes to containing healthcare costs and enhancing productivity. At ConnectWell, we work within the existing culture of an organization and integrate complementary wellness practices into the culture. We accomplish this by working with CEOs and executive teams to embrace the benefits of wellness and integrate wellness into business practices. When wellness practices are part of the overarching culture, they are sustainable and become part of the organization's corporate identity.
Incentive Programs
Wellness programs with well-designed incentives build motivation and participation in health engagement that promotes healthy lifestyle choices. ConnectWell works with organizations to design and realign wellness incentive structures that take into consideration the total health benefits of an organization to ensure positive health outcomes and containment of healthcare costs.