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Privacy Policy
ConnectWell respects the information provided by our corporate customers and participants. Because we gather certain types of information when our corporate customers and participants communicate with us, we believe you should fully understand the terms and conditions surrounding the information we capture and the use of that information. This privacy statement discloses the type of information we capture about our corporate customers and participants, how we use it to communicate with our participants, and how you can request to no longer receive communications from ConnectWell.
Participant Information and Use
Two primary types of information are gathered about our participants.
1.) Prior to becoming actively enrolled in a ConnectWell Program, ConnectWell administers a “readiness” survey to assess an employee’s readiness to engage in wellness practices. Employee responses to the readiness assessments are not shared with the sponsoring company. This data is collected on an aggregate basis and shared with the sponsoring corporation so that the company can understand general shifts in the wellness culture of its organization as more employees enroll in ConnectWell Programs. The collective responses of an employee to the readiness assessment are converted to a readiness score of “ready” or “not yet ready.” Employees responding to the enrollment survey will receive that converted readiness score and then will be given the opportunity to enroll if they received a score of “ready.” When employees receive a score of “not yet ready,” they will be given the opportunity to take the survey again in six months to reassess readiness as long as the sponsoring company continues working with ConnectWell and the employees continue to be employed by the sponsoring company.
2.) Once an individual becomes an enrolled ConnectWell participant, data captured during an enrolled participant's visit to the participant Log In page on the web site is also considered Participant Information. Participant Information is used exclusively for the purpose of the participants (employees and their families) to manage their personal motivators and action plans around supporting their wellness practices. This information is NOT shared with the company sponsoring participant enrollment and is not viewed by ConnectWell. ConnectWell’s view is that in order to make wellness practices sustainable, the drive needs to be intrinsic within participants. The participant portal is a safe place for participants to track their progress and move forward with developing action plans for their household independent and free of interaction from the sponsoring company or ConnectWell.
For participants, we will only use your email address to enhance our ability to communicate with you and keep you engaged in the ConnectWell Program in which you are enrolled.
Information Request:
For people inquiring about more information regarding ConnectWell Programs on the information request page, ConnectWell requests Professional Information that includes, but is not limited to: name, address, company name, title at company, company address, phone number, and email address, as well as comments on information request form. This information will not be shared with a third party.
Opting Out
ConnectWell will accept, implement and maintain any participant request to opt out of future email communications from ConnectWell. If you would like to opt out of email communications you are receiving from ConnectWell, please enter the information requested so we may thoroughly implement your request within 10 days of receipt.
This site utilizes a secure server to protect your personal and professional information. Secure server software is used to encrypt the information sent between your Internet browser and our Internet site. This ensures the security of your personal data when using the site. We follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information you have given to us and may, on occasion, request proof of identity before we disclose any personal information to you.
Policy Changes
ConnectWell reserves the right to review and change this Policy. Policy revisions only apply to information gathered as of the effective date of the revised policy, unless we give you notice and choice as to the changes in use, in which case all information is subject to the new policy.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding ConnectWell Privacy Policy, please contact us by using the form below:
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