Organizational Approach
Six Elements of Sustainable
ConnectWell's Six Elements of Sustainable Wellness
ConnectWell’s Six Elements of Sustainable Wellness applies to organizations, communities and individuals. This framework incorporates Readiness, Education, Community, Communication, Environment and Independence. Each element is an essential component that assists in moving forward in the change process toward integrating wellness practices into organizational culture and daily life for lifelong success in eating, activity, balance and stress management.
Whether it is an organization or an individual, taking that first jump off the high dive takes motivation, courage and a leap of faith. Changing a lifestyle for the better and prioritizing overall health and well-being is no different. ConnectWell knows that to take a “leap of faith” requires readiness—to shake up your lifestyle, shop differently prepare and eat home-cooked meals, incorporate activity into your day, and make room for other important dimensions of your life. We also know that not everyone is ready or prepared for these changes, and that is ok. Readiness is the first phase in sustainable wellness and ConnectWell recognizes that everyone enters this stage at different rates.

Our programs include:
  • Organization-based strategies to move unready individuals toward readiness
  • Support and guidance with all levels of management to increase motivation for healthy workplace policies and practices
  • Vibrant Life Seminars that reach large numbers of employees and motivate them to engage in their health
  • Vibrant Life Initiatives provide engagement and education on the adoption of healthy habits
  • Targeted Vibrant Life Programs for enrolling employees who demonstrate “readiness” through assessments
  • Analysis of health risk data and surveys for determining those at-risk and ready for health programming
In this age of powerful food advertising, ubiquitous fast food restaurants, fad diets, prescription drug promotion, widespread Internet-based health information and prominent health claims on everything from cereal boxes to chocolate bars, accurate and simple health education is more important than ever. ConnectWell’s programs educate participants on sustainable healthy eating, activity, balance and stress management.

To ConnectWell, education means delivering knowledge that empowers and inspires people to move from a passive participant in their health to an active participant in their overall health and well-being.

Our programs include:
  • Validated resources and tools for management and executive teams to learn about and apply the benefits of comprehensive wellness
  • Up-to-date educational materials on wellness practices
  • Frameworks that facilitate the learning process across all programs
  • Activities that reinforce wellness habits
  • A household engagement model that enhances learning
  • Strategies for effective communication around health and wellness
ConnectWell’s proprietary Healthy Habit Formation framework is the cornerstone of ConnectWell’s education model and is integrated throughout the Vibrant Life Programs. This framework incorporates key steps that deepen education, understanding and commitment, while also fostering independence.
Just as a team must be coordinated and aligned in order to accomplish team goals, a supportive community is necessary for sustained learning and healthy habit formation. In the pursuit of health and well-being, behaviors and attitudes can impact those of others. Modeling of healthy behaviors happens in the community—centered in the household, school, work and social groups. In order for habit change efforts to be successful, an individual’s efforts to prioritize health must be aligned with the workplace, community’s or family‘s mindset. ConnectWell promotes and seeks to facilitate this connection.

Our programs include:
  • Guidance and support for executive level staff and department heads to facilitate organization-wide programming and behavior changes
  • Workplace Wellness Committee development, training and guidance
  • Training for Wellness Champions within an organization to create internal Wellness Ambassadors
  • Wellness Challenges that build support among employees while helping to foster healthy habits
  • ConnectWell’s household-center approach that encourages employees to engage their family in wellness practices
The Community and Communication elements of sustainable wellness are inextricably linked. Effective communication is the basis for creating a culture of health in the workplace for aligning personal health with family and community.

ConnectWell’s frameworks and strategies for effective communication show participants how to influence and educate others in order to build support for their wellness practices. In addition, they will learn how to guide and encourage others to adopt healthy habits of their own and move them along the path towards “readiness.”

Our programs include:
  • Impactful communications in multimodalities that encourage enrolment, participation and engagement in wellness programs
    • live presentations
    • email
    • employee wellness newsletters and testimonials
    • brochures, mailers, educational materials
    • seminars, webinars, Lunch & Learns
    • wellness portal
    • videos
    • town hall meetings
    • celebrations
  • Strategies for effective communication around health and wellness through ConnectWell’s Steps to Effective Communication Framework
  • Integration of productive conversation as part of adoption of wellness practices
  • Social networking in-person, on the web, and on mobile devices, that encourages cultivating a community focused on meeting health goals and reinforcing positive changes
Just as a tree needs a nourishing environment to grow, so do people who wish to become healthier. We need fruit and vegetables in our homes, schools, corporate cafeterias and restaurants, places for safe and healthy activity and life balance supported by family, friends, workplace and community. Habit change is more sustainable when one’s environment naturally promotes well-being. Unfortunately, many environments have been shaped by priorities and influences that are in conflict with enhancing health and overall well-being. ConnectWell helps worksites and employees recognize and use the influence and power that they have to reshape their environment and create one in which they can achieve health and well-being.

Our programs include:
  • Working with organizations to integrate ConnectWell practices into the corporate environment to make a positive impact on the health culture of the organization
  • Highlighting the negative forces that can derail habit change efforts and educating employees to overcome them
  • Engaging employees in designing a wellness lifestyle that fits into their environment
  • Engaging employees through Vibrant Life Initiatives at the workplace
Habit change is not easy, but just as when learning to ride a bike, the training wheels must eventually come off. ConnectWell defines independence as the point when wellness practices are integrated into participants’ lives. Integration occurs when participants are able to prioritize health and well-being and continue to invest in lifelong learning around health and wellness. Moreover, it is the point at which people have the freedom and confidence to deflect negative influences and make choices that maintain their health and well-being.

Our programs include:
  • Self assessments as part of Vibrant Life Seminars to take ownership of personal health
  • Wide variety of wellness activities and resources that facilitate maintenance of well-being
  • Working with corporations to integrate wellness into the corporate culture