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ConnectWell’s Vibrant LifeSM Programs are targeted health engagement programs that serve at-risk individuals and their families. ConnectWell’s Vibrant Life Programs are offered to participants through employers and organizations and delivered onsite at organizations to make it convenient and productive for program participants and sponsors. The Vibrant Life Programs are also offered to patients through physician referral and group sessions are held at a location convenient for patient participants. Participants are identified through ConnectWell’s readiness assessment tool that identifies those who are at-risk for preventable chronic disease and who are willing to participate in health engagement programming. ConnectWell’s Vibrant Life Programming is designed to stand alone or augment existing wellness initiatives. Offering in-depth lifestyle and behavior change programs in small group sessions will make a sustainable impact in participants’ health by addressing preventable illness related to eating and physical activity.
We also reach CEOs, Executive Teams and Department Heads through one-on-one sessions or smaller group sessions to meet the needs of executive level staff.
Each Vibrant Life Program lasts for 6 months and incorporates:
Live, inspirational kick-off seminar and weekly small group sessions for the first four months with two follow-up small group sessions to sustain behavior change for the last two months
ConnectWell’s proprietary workbook with surveys, Six Elements of Sustainable WellnessSM, Health Habit Formation FrameworkSM and activities that are reinforced through small group sessions
Support tools that facilitate action planning and promote wellness habits for the whole family
Buddy-matching for additional support
Group Leader communication and support in between sessions and for six months after program completion
Vibrant Life Principles:
ConnectWell’s content incorporates clear, up-to-date health and wellness information and practices. Our focus is on “what to do” AND “how to do it.”
ConnectWell highlights the negative forces that can derail habit change efforts and teaches participants to overcome them.
Healthy habit formation results from a process that entails key steps that deepen education, understanding and commitment while fostering independence.
ConnectWell’s programs are community-based, following the principle that people can more easily adopt and maintain healthy habits if they are part of a supportive community.
Modeling of healthy behavior occurs in the household. Wellness habits initiated and modeled in the household are more likely to take hold. An effective communication style in the household enables family members to support each other.
Integration of wellness habits across household, school, work and social environments creates consistency in communication and behavior that contribute to sustainable wellness practices and enhanced overall well-being.
ConnectWell’s Vibrant Life Programs initiate participants as health advocates, both within the home and within the workplace. These health advocates will not only take better care of themselves and their families, but will improve the health environment and build motivation for positive changes among co-workers.
ConnectWell’s Six Elements of Sustainable WellnessSM incorporate Readiness, Education, Community, Communication, Environment and Independence. ConnectWell’s Healthy Habit FormationSM Framework is incorporated into ConnectWell’s seminars, workbooks, support tools and activities to help participants with the change process. The Vibrant LifeSM Programs connect with participants on an practical and emotional level, empowering them to take ownership of the program and move forward independently.
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