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ConnectWell offers interactive seminars on wellness topics to educate, inspire and engage large numbers of employees in sustainable wellness practices. Vibrant Life Seminars seminars are designed to keep the low risk healthy, motivate the unmotivated, and engage those with health risks. These seminars augment other wellness programming, including ConnectWell’s Vibrant Life Programs. Vibrant Life Seminars are delivered on-site during working hours to ensure the greatest participation from your workforce.
To meet the needs of your population, a collection of seminars can be scheduled throughout the year, multiple seminars can be scheduled on one day at a worksite to promote “A Day of Wellness,” and seminars can be scheduled in conjunction with another health initiative. Each seminar is delivered by a high caliber and engaging content expert. Vibrant Life Seminars can be delivered in webinar format and may be recorded to reach employees beyond the headquarters. Participants will receive actionable strategies for health improvement along with support tools that aid in adoption and maintenance of sustainable wellness practices. ConnectWell assists organizations by providing marketing support to create awareness for seminars.
Eating for a Vibrant Life Seminars
  • Manage Your Food, Not Your Weight
  • Your Home: The Foundation for Healthy Eating
  • Grocery Shopping for Wellness
  • Healthy Eating on the Go
  • Helping Children Make Healthy Food Choices
  • Live Food Demonstrations of Healthy Meals that are Easy to Prepare
  • Interactive Exhibit: Where Does My Food Come From?
Activity for a Vibrant Life Seminars
  • Let’s Get Physical: Activity for Life
  • Stand Up! How to Sit Less During Your Day
  • Moving on the Move: Physical Activity When You Travel
  • Activity at Work: A Customized Approach
  • Strength Training: Moving More than Your Muscles
  • The Family that Plays Together: Guidelines and Benefits for Youth
Sleep for a Vibrant Life Seminars
  • Sleep Your Way to Good Health
  • Strategies for Sustaining Quality Sleep While on the Road
  • Sleep Wellness for the Whole Family
Balance & Stress Management for a Vibrant Life Seminars
  • You in Control: Recognizing, Understanding and Managing Stress
  • Managing Energy for Peak Performance
  • Achieving Realistic Balance
  • The Power of Positive Emotions at Work
  • Creating Resilient Children
  • Cultivating Resilience for Greater Success and Happiness
  • Brain-wise Ways of Working to Minimize Stress and Burnout
Disease Prevention & Management for a Vibrant Life Seminars
  • Creating a Healthy Lifestyle to Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Disease
  • Preparing for Illness with a Wellness Plan
  • Health and Wellness Practices for Cancer: During Diagnosis, Treatment, and Healing
Men’s Health for a Vibrant Life Seminars
  • The Healthy Male 101
  • Male Menopause: Myth or Reality
  • Man on the Move: Healthy Movement for Men
  • Stress Reduction Techniques for Men
Women’s Health for a Vibrant Life Seminars
  • Health and Vitality at Every Stage of Life
  • Preparing for a Healthy Pregnancy
  • Thriving Post Partum as a Family
  • “Pause 101,” Perimenopause through Menopause, What are My Options?
  • The Transformative Opportunity that Menopause Brings